The thing I like the best about the Methodist Church is that we allow for a variety of belief. By that, I mean in our congregations you will find a wide range of diversity on doctrine. We do not have a specific set of rules that must be adhered to in order to worship with us or become a part of the community of faith in our church. You will find conservatives sitting in the pews with liberals, seekers with the life- long members, doubters with the sure, and it is all good.

We have discussions at coffee and in book and Bible studies around all aspects of faith and we respectfully listen to diverse beliefs. Most importantly we welcome questions and different perspectives.

Methodists strive to have open hearts, open minds, and open doors. None of us is perfect and you will find sinners among the saints.

Our main purpose is to serve Christ and to form our individual lives and our life as a faith community around that central purpose. You are invited to come on the journey with us, to come with questions, to come with doubts, to come and find the wonderful life that can be had in service to Jesus Christ.    Pastor Mickey Olson    email: