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Prayer is a living relationship with God.

Prayer unites us with God whose power can accomplish more than we can hope to imagine.

Our Prayer Chain prays to Jesus, to be present with people who need God’s healing touch; for the power of God’s presence to be with them and heal them of all illness/injury, to be made whole in body, mind, spirit and relationships; to be present with them in their time of struggle and challenge; to give them God’s wisdom and knowledge; to give them courage when they are afraid, to grant them strength when they are weak; to give them patience when they are afflicted; to give them hope when they are lost, and to move others to their side when they are alone.

How does our Prayer Chain work? Our Prayer Chain is made up of small groups of individuals; when a prayer request is made, the leader of each group is called to be in prayer; the leader then calls the next person in her group, who then calls the next person in the group and so forth, thus the Chain.